2014 work-papers

2014 individual income tax return checklist

Australian annuities and superannuation income streams worksheet

Australian Government allowances and payments worksheet

Australian Government pensions and allowances worksheet

Capital gains tax questionnaires and worksheets

Cents per kilometre worksheet

CGT calculation worksheet

Conventional clothing claim questionnaire

Declaration of joint ownership

Deed of ownership of car

DICTO (carer parent or parent-in-law) questionnaire

DICTO (invalid relative) questionnaire

Dividend questionnaires and worksheets

Dividend worksheet

Documentation checklist

Domestic and overseas travel questionnaire

Client details form – individual income tax return

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Compulsory uniform questionnaire

Income and expenditure statement

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Log book method worksheet

Non-compulsory uniform questionnaire

Employee allowances – questionnaires and worksheets

Employee allowances worksheet

Employment termination payment nomination form

Employment termination payment worksheets for other than redundancy

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Employment termination payments questionnaire

Gifts or donations deduction worksheet

Gifts or donations questionnaire

Gross interest questionnaire

GST input tax credit worksheet

Home office questionnaire

Home office worksheet

Occupation specific clothing questionnaire

One-third of actual expenses method worksheet

Overtime meal allowance expense declaration

Personal superannuation contribution deduction questionnaire

Petrol expense estimate worksheet

Protective clothing questionnaire

Record of regular and irregular trips diary

Rental property cross-referencing schedule

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Tools and equipment questionnaire

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Travel diary

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Spouse (without dependent child or student) questionnaire

Subscriptions and union fees questionnaire

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Telephone call and rental expenses questionnaire

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Telephone diary

Telephone diary 2

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The cents per kilometre method questionnaire

The log book method questionnaire

The one-third of actual expenses method questionnaire

Time usage diary

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Wrongful dismissal questionnaire

12percent of original value method worksheet